Here is my blog, then!

Hi friends, this is the blog of Ahmad Al Safawi i hope you will all enjoy your stay.

 Forgive me, i am still new at this, but i will hopefully learn more soon.


10 Responses to “Here is my blog, then!”

  1. Howie Says:


    I thought this is where they have the Mohamed cartoons?

    What happened?

    Heh heh heh

    Good luck with it Ahmad

  2. Andrew Brehm Says:

    Welcome to the blogsphere! 🙂

  3. Ahmad al-Safawi Says:

    Hehe howie, crazy as always man 😀

    Guys, i have a question;
    Do i have to approve of all of your comments before it is visible public? Can i in any way turn it off? Its pretty annoying, and pretty saddam too..

    By the way thanks a lot

  4. Andrew Brehm Says:

    I don’t know how WordPress works, but I am betting you can turn it off.

  5. Roman Kalik Says:

    Should be possible, Ahmad, ask Drima. Also, congratulations on opening your own blog.

  6. Halalhippie Says:

    yup, welcome onboard.

    One piece of warning: those Jews will keep talking until you shut them up, and then some 🙂 [just joking, guys]

  7. Howie Says:


    I don’t see it as a joke. Let me, a Jew, rephrase for you..

    One piece of warning; those Jews will keep talking until you shut them up,

    and then some 😉 (Halalhippie was joking…but I’m not)

    Oh…and when you try to shut us up…we typically triple our output…minimum. Even God was annoyed with us most of the time.


  8. Howie Says:


    All kidding aside, though we would probably disagree on many things…I sense a goodness about you…one of the strange “virtual” vibes…

    I wish you much success…”ma’shallah” if I am not mistaken…like abundance?

  9. SudaneseDrima Says:

    Congrats on starting your blog Ahmad! Welcome to the blogosphere. 🙂

  10. Andrew Brehm Says:

    “those Jews will keep talking until you shut them up, and then some”


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