Turkish waqf to alter the Sunnah?

Yes, appearently, this is the case according to the BBC narration of the event:

 However, according to Mehmet Gormez, the duputy director of the Turkish waqf, they do not intend to reform the hadith or Islam:
“No Muslim in the right mind would dare delete any hadith or tamper with the Prophet’s heritage,” Gormez told IOL.

“What we are actually doing is re-classifying, re-categorizing the Hadith and translating it into Turkish, no more no less.”
A hadith literally means “saying,” but in the Islamic technical sense, a hadith refers to the sayings of the Prophet, the Prophet’s acts, the Prophet’s tacit approval of an action or practice, or the Prophet’s attributes, whether physical or moral.
Gormez said the three-year project has to do with a new understanding of the Sunnah and Hadith and accordingly making them more understandable to today’s Turks.
He added that Turkish scholars working on the project, which will be completed by yearend, are taking early Muslim scholars, who had already revised the Hadith, as their basic reference.
“We have compiled all hadiths and read them to reclassify them anew,” he explained.
“We have also taken into account the unauthentic ones or those attributed falsely to the Prophet because to understand the true Hadith, you really need to (understand) the unauthentic sayings.”


 Lets see how it turns out. At least, it sounds interresting, and if they intend Islam then may Allah Almighty reward them and if they intend to turn away from it then may Allah Almighty guide them.


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2 Responses to “Turkish waqf to alter the Sunnah?”

  1. ito Says:

    I had only read the BBC “Sensation Story” before, then I saw Drima’s March 4 post and checked out the other articles also.
    It seems now that the article made this issue better known. The idea was planted and people will keep an eye out for more news.

  2. niuse Says:

    I am designing http://www.allahswaqf.com and was searching for waqf related sites to get the Idea and landed on your blog. Found very interesting stuff. Thanks

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