Muslim Feminists – When arguments are like a baloon

I am growing tired of the post-modernistic feminist muslims (and how funny is it that they are very often Hadith-rejectors!). Really, i am. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, but when one seeks to alter Islam to make it fit to their own view, i get disgusted. The following article is a refutation of Aminah Wadud, “the academic face of a Western Islam rife”, by Shaykh Gibril: 

To me, their arguments seem like a baloon – it looks big, but it is really nothing – just air. This can be realized only by touching it.

Sadly enough, their rejection of the Sunnah (which, along with the Quran, is the Prophets pbuh legacy to the people after his demise!) seems to fit into many western muslims, who instead of figuring out what the sunnah is really all about, goes out to reject it entirely – by which they seek to comfort non-muslims and challenge the view that “Islam is oppressing women”, again and again brought forward. “Islam is not degrading the woman – that is something that was brought into Islam by the corrupt scholars in Islamic history”. A major conspiracy theory, and somewhat hypocritical, because their only reason for doing so is that the modern, Western ideal differ from what is found in the sunnah. If the western ideal was something else, they would seek to alter Islam to fit that ideal.

If only you would just say “Islam is wrong – the western ideal is the correct one”, i would not blame y’all, because this is only your view. But dont start altering Islam in order to make it fit with the Western Ideal! Your method for doing so is actually rejecting what is the second-most fundamental part of Islam.


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3 Responses to “Muslim Feminists – When arguments are like a baloon”

  1. Slaven Abdi Says:

    lol… og som om Shaykh Gibril har større belæg for at vide hvad der er en mere “ren” (ja, undskyld det perverse udtryk) udgave af Islam end de “post-modernistic feminist muslims” (hvilken generalisering) som (ifølge den selvretfærdige) ændrer islam.

    Tak for et godt grin 🙂

  2. Don Cox Says:

    Would you care to comment on this story?

  3. Manzanita Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Manzanita.

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