The death of yet another Iraqi woman

Don Cox recently asked me if i would comment on this story:

Yes, dear friend, i would love to.

First of all, i must point out that a relationship between a muslim woman and a non-muslim man remains unlawful in the Islamic shari’ah. The great jurists of Islam never differed about this, and as such, this is a juristic matter that have reached concensus among the scholars of Islam.

But on the other hand, i must condemn legal self-help on a general level, and especially in this case on thge specific level, as the womans murderers here have taken their self-help so far as to comitting homocide. I believe they are punishable both under iraqi law and under the islamic shari’ah.

In general, we muslims are under the obligation of “Amr bil Ma’roof wa Nahi ‘an Almunkar” (Enjoining what is good and forbidding what is wrong), much worried about what other muslims – especially women – are doing with their lives. This case and many others prooves that many muslims are not even afraid of comitting serious sins just to enjoin what is good among other people. When it comes to such a level, we need to ask ourselves if we are really enjoining the good when we are comitting a wrong action?

While the concept itself is a genuine Qur’anic concept, i disgaree with such peoples interpretation of it – like, for example, when one of the arab locals in our neightborhood is seen smoking marihuana, many of us grown up muslims approach him and comdemn him, yelling at him, telling him what do to and what not to do. The intention behind such an act is pure – it is worrying for a fellow muslim and wishing him to do good and abstain from wrong. But when one is realizing that the young teen most probably already know that this is a bad action he is doing, are we then really forbidding the wrong when we approach him like that? Is’nt it also possible to enjoing what is good by being a good role-model for such a kid, as long as one in no way approves of his bad actions?

If we are worried about enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong, we should also be worried about how the best way to do so is. Just think about it…


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One Response to “The death of yet another Iraqi woman”

  1. Don Cox Says:

    “First of all, i must point out that a relationship between a muslim woman and a non-muslim man remains unlawful in the Islamic shari’ah. ”

    This is the same as the laws against inter-racial marriage in South Africa under Apartheid.

    I think you are right about people who are too eager to tell others what to do or not to do. It is rare for such people to be free from sin themselves: indeed, they are usually the ones with something to hide.

    My opinion is that other people’s sins are not my business at all, unless they threaten my life or property. Each of us has more than enough work to do dealing with his (or her) own faults. If you start to worry about other peoples’, you are setting yourself up as better than them.

    And when it comes to killing people for their sins, that is simply wrong, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it happens, not only under Islam but under all religions. (Perhaps less under Buddhism?)

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