Msheet feen, ya DK?

O Denmark, where did you go?

For a long time, i’ve remained silent on this issue. Now it is too much. I feel that what is happening right here is that what makes Denmark a lovely country is being taken away from us. I dont feel like i am in the samy country i settled in in the early 90’s. I cannot remain silent anymore on this.

Fellow danes probably already know what i am talking about. I am talking about the two tunisians, who are facing deportation, because they allegedly were planning to kill a man behind the Muhammad cartoons.

Well this case actually illustrates what Denmark is becoming. Before i proceed in explaining why i feel like i feel, i will provide the reader with some basic facts in this case.

Some time ago, two tunisians and a moroccan dane was arrested for allegedly planning to kill Kurt Westergaard – a cartoonist who portrayed the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with a bomb in his Turban. The PET (Politiets Efterretnings Tjeneste = Danish Security Intelligence Service) decided to get the foreigners deportated without any involvements from the danish courts – yes, that is possible in Denmark now! It kinda works this way: If a foreign resident of Denmark is estimated to be a threat to national security, it is not necessary for the danish courts to view the evidences against the suspect – it just takes some signatures from some politicians, and woop – he’s out!

Many people will after this suspect that i’m some kind of hippie. I can almost hear people thinking: “Ahmad, you DO realize that even the Danish state have to provide security for the citizens, right?”. Yes, of course i do. But i also believe in a state of justice, where the courts decides who’s guilty and who’s innocent – not where the police and the politicians does. Quite recently, the PET have released some information about their rock-solid evidences against these suspect to a danish newspaper – accordingly, it consists of a letter that in arabic explains how Kurt Westergaard should be killed, an escape route, a loaded gun and a lot of other stuff like that. What strikes me here is the following:

If these evidences were really in PET’s posession, then why is only the two tunisians facing deportation, while the moroccan with Danish citizenship is facing no punishment at all!? Do you guys really think that if he were THAT guilty and the evidences against were SO rock-solid, then the PET would just let him walk away, while they are willing to create a media-hype all over the country just to expell two tunisians in the very same case? How can the two tunisians be a threat to national security, when their danish parter who allegedly were to participate in the very same crime, is not?

The way i see it, this prooves that there is no sufficent evidence against these three men – if there were, the danish one of them would indeed have been imprisoned.

This opens the door for mistrust against the police and the Danish Security Intelligence Service (PET), as this makes it possible for them to expel everyone without danish citizenship, without evidence.

What is even more sadly is how the danish population surprisingly seems to view these men as guilty per default – no evidence needed when it comes to alleged terrorism, it seems. They are constantly being referred to as “terrorists”. What happended to “Innocent until proven guilty”, my dear fellow danes? Where did that go? How did you give that up without even noticing it? Or do you really believe that justice should only apply to people with danish citizenship?

I will translate a part of the danish debate into english to give the reader an introduction to the danish climate of debates:
Holger DK writes:
No, they shall not be released (from their imprisonment). These tunisian lads compromise a threat against our society and citizens, so there only one way, and (that way) is out of our country. It cannot go too fast.

Morten Olsen writes:
Out with them and people like them, we have no responsibility towards them whatsoever.

Strangelove writes:
Every country have a right and an obligation to protect its citizens against murder and terror, even when it is tried done in the name of the Islamic prophet.

All the above quotes can be found here:

Needless to say, not all danes share these sentiments. What is remarkable is the lack of scepticism towards the PET in this case, which is strange considering the fact that the danes in their nature are very anti-authoritarian.

And of course, foreigners posing a threat to national security, should be expelled. I have no problem with this. But at least give them a fair trial. Merely suspecting someone does not constitute proper evidence.

 O Denmark, where did you go? Where went your healthy scepticism? Did we really end up on a level where we believe everything the police says without even asking for evidence? Are you now guilty pr. default when you are a foreign, muslim man who is being accused for a particular crime?

O Denmark, where did you go?


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6 Responses to “Msheet feen, ya DK?”

  1. sunnidk Says:

    As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dear brother

    JazakAllahu khayran for this interesting post.

    It truly is sad to see how our beautiful country is changing in such a horrible manner.

    May Allah Ta’ala stop this change to the worse in our country.

    Was-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

  2. Halalhippie Says:

    As salaam aleikum…. yes, sad and worrying. This is not the country I was born in. It goes to show that terrorism works; people become frightened and act upon it. Our rights are being taken away, for the sake of security. Who was it said “If you give up rights for security, you’ll end up losing both.” ?

    A CONVICTED criminal without citizenship can be deported. I don’t believe you disagree with that. But a SUSPECTED perpetrator ? That’s a different ballgame.

    “Where went your healthy scepticism?” Or healthy scepticism (against an “intruder” religion in this case) got us hated almost as much as Israel. Maybe we should just let the police think for us…. nah… won’t happen.

    Some things are going the wrong way, yes. I think you’ll still rather be a Muslim in DK thatn a copt in Egypt.

  3. Halalhippie Says:

    link off…

  4. Halalhippie Says:


  5. Ahmad al-Safawi Says:

    Right on, friend. Convicted vs. Suspected. Thats the issue.

    The coptic situation in Egypt is different i agree but being born in Egypt and having some coptic friends, i can tell that their situation is not as bad as they think – they can still live a normal life at least. However i would be mocking them if i said that they are getting the respect they deserve.

    Like being muslim in Denmark. Its not like we get attacked at the streets. These cases is not only bad for us muslims, its bad for all citizens. Its our RIGHTS we are talking about here. These rights do not apply only for christians or only for muslims. They apply for anyone. We should all defend our rights, if you really care for Denmark then you would let nobody ruin it.

    O Denmark… Where did you go?

  6. Halalhippie Says:

    It seems the two guys are still stuck in the judicial system. And they may have to go through High Court. As it is they are not being thrown out without a trial. Let’s see what happens.

    Wrt Egypt: yes, I’m sure most of the time Muslims and Copts get along just fine. It’s only the sectarian clashes we hear about up here. What I find abominable is having your religion on your ID card. That shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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